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This is going to be the place to show you all the different things I am up to and have been up to Musically. 

Co-Writes and Collaborations

Kevin started to co-write and work with Dahlia Wakefield near the end of June 2023. Together they have many songs on the go with about 6 - 7 ready to go, and the first one is in production at the studio as of November 2023. Keep watching this page as new songs and content will be added and updated as things roll along.

Solo Work

This will spot here will soon have some of my new songs and works added as they come along.



This is the spot for music and stuff that we did and might soon get back to doing. Thistle was put together with Trevor Hanson, Steve Findlay, Jason Frey and myself. then as time does we added and said good bye to members who joined us and moved on over time. We had the good fortunes to work with Tania Ribeiro and Henry Geerts.

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